Construction in an Urban Setting

The completion of the new Chinese Hospital is less than a year away. The project has had many unique challenges and more than a few firsts in hospital construction. See the progress the crew at DPR Construction has made. Video by Jerry McKinley, DPR.

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Chinese Hospital Gives New Meaning To Family Medicine

At Chinese Hospital in the heart of San Francisco's Chinatown, the kitchen serves jook, rice porridge, and macaroni soup with diced ham. Doctors, nurses, and staff speak Cantonese and Mandarin. And around Lunar New Year, grateful patients drop off gifts of tea, oranges, and moon cakes.

Ninety years ago, at a time when other hospitals in San Francisco discriminated against the Chinese, denying treatment, community leaders banded together to create this space.

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Vanessa Hua, "Chinese Hospital Gives New Meaning To Family Medicine", NBC News, 26 May 2015


Chinese Hospital Participates in Announcement of Multi-lingual Prescription Drug Information Bill

Chinese Hospital's Pharmacy Manager Diane Hong was invited as a guest speaker at a community press conference, where Assemblymember Phil Ting announced new legislation that will directly impact our patients and community. The new bill will help millions of Californians with limited English proficiency understand their medications by requiring pharmacists distribute standardized translations of drug information materials.

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Year in Review: 2014 Newsletter