Visiting Information



New health order from the California Department of Public Health starting August 11, 2021:

In order to visit patients in the Emergency Department, Inpatient Floors, and Surgical Units, visitors are required to show the following:

  • Proof of full vaccination status*, or
  • Proof of negative COVID test** results within 72 hours

*Full vaccination status means having had both doses of Pfizer or Modern or single dose of J&J vaccine at least two weeks ago. **Acceptable forms of COVID tests include PCR and antigen tests.

Exceptions may be made for visitors of patients in critical condition, when death may be imminent. Chinese Hospital is working to accommodate other special circumstances as well.

All visitors, regardless of vaccination status or test result, must:

  • Wear a well-fitting face mask (a surgical mask or double masking is recommended) upon entry and at all times within the facility;
  • Wear any other personal protective equipment (PPE) while in the patient's room that facility personnel deem appropriate to the situation; and
  • Physically distance from health care personnel and other patients/residents/visitors that are not part of their group at all times while in the facility.

For more information, please click here to view the official order from the State Public Health Officer. 







  • 訪客應用醫院正門出入。
  • 訪客和病人應體諒其他病人,交談時請把請聲量調低。
  • 訪客如患有傷風、流行性感冒、或其他傳染病,請勿探訪病人。
  • 訪客應該在攜帶食物或禮品進入病房之前先請示護士,因為病人可能需要特別膳食安排,及對某些食物有所限制。
  • 訪客不應探訪病房內的其他病人,不應觸摸病人房間內的器材,或未徵求護士同意之前移動病人或更換病床的位置。
  • 在治療和 / 或護理的時候,訪客不准在病房內逗留,以確保病人的私隱權。