About Medical Staff


The Chinese Hospital Medical Staff has over 250 members that span the breadth of medical specialties. Our stated mission is to provide culturally competent, affordable health care to the Chinese Community, but our intent is really much more than that. We exist and have evolved from a time that Chinese could not get healthcare anywhere else in the Bay Area. Our commitment remains to serve a Chinese Community that continues to grow and renew itself in the Chinatown area and also has spread throughout San Francisco.

At a time when the Chinese Hospital is the last independent hospital in the City, we remain proud to work closely with our Hospital and Board. In 1982, we together organized a comprehensive health delivery system for our community, the Chinese Community Health Plan. Our medical staff now has the opportunity to join the only not for profit IPA in the country, the Chinese Community Health Care Association. We are pleased that this system remains guided by physicians and remains healthy and viable for the foreseeable future.

The medical staff was the first host of the International Conference on Health Care Problems Related to the Chinese in North America and is a founding member of the Federation of Chinese American and Chinese Canadian Medical Societies (FCMS). We also host the Annual Award, which is given to an outstanding physician or researcher who has made a substantial contribution to the global Chinese Community.

Our members evidence our quality. This staff includes the first Asian to be president of the CMA and CMA Foundation, many past presidents of the San Francisco Medical Society, past presidents of SF American Heart and American Lung Associations, and numerous Clinical Professors.

But most of all, we are proud of the teamwork and camaraderie among our members as well as the quality of care and education that we deliver to our patients.