Senior Leadership Team

Senior Leadership Team

Chinese Hospital Senior Management Team

Chief Executive Officer Dr. Jian Zhang, DNP, MS, FNP-BC
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Chief Financial Officer Amy Tsui
1-415-677-2418 |

Chief Information Officer Keith Minard
1-415-677-2395 |

Director of Human Resources Lydia Mahr-Chan, MBA, CLRM
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Chinese Hospital Association Board of Trustees 2017

Chinese Hospital is proudly and uniquely "community-owned". Governed by a Board of Trustees composed of representatives from 16 community organizations, Chinese Hospital is a true reflection of the community it has been serving for over 100 years.

President James K. Ho Chinese Democratic Constitutionalist Party
Vice President Harvey Louie Chinatown Y.M.C.A.                         
English Secretary Thomas T. Ng Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association
Assistant English Secretary Kin F. Yee, DDS Hop Wo Benevolent Association
Chinese Secretary Jack Sit Kong Chow Benevolent Association
Assistant Chinese Secretary Jack Lee Fong Sue Hing Benevolent Association
Treasurer Mel Lee Ning Yung Benevolent Association
Board Member Robert Wong Chinese-American Citizens Alliance
Board Member Paul M. Lee Yeong Wo Association
Board Member Siu Kong Tam Sam Yup Benevolent Association
Board Member Tim Siow Yan Wo Association
Board Member Kitman Chan Chinese Chamber of Commerce
Board Member Yick C. Tam Kuomingtang of China
Board Member George Lew Chee Kung Tong
Board Member Dick W. Wong Chinese Christian Union of San Francisco
Board Member Edward Y. C. Chan, MD Chinese Hospital Medical Staff