The Treatment Center (TC) at Chinese Hospital is licensed as a Level 4 Standby Emergency Medical Service, Physician on Call. It has five beds. Treatment Center is equipped and maintained at all times by qualified nursing personnel to receive patients with urgent medical problems and provides board certified emergency physician service within a reasonable time.

Treatment Center provides evaluation and treatment to patients of all ages and varying levels of illnesses (minor to critical.) All patients presenting to the facility and requesting emergency care are triaged initially by the staff RN and given medical screening examination by the TC physician accordingly. The scope of the examination is tailored to the presenting complaint and the medical history of the patients. The process may range from a simple examination (such as a brief history and physical) to a complex examination that may include laboratory tests, diagnostic imaging, lumbar punctures, other diagnostic tests and procedures and the use of on-call physician specialists. The patients are evaluated for response to treatment and may be admitted to the hospital, transferred for further necessary treatment not provided by the facility, or discharged with follow-up instructions.

Primary care physicians may use two of the rooms in Treatment Center for scheduled outpatient procedures.

Chinese Hospital’s Treatment Center is staffed 24 hours a day by Board Certified physicians and qualified nursing personnel.

Location: 845 Jackson Street 2nd Floor