Whatever the nature of the crisis or disaster, preparedness is the key to survival.

San Francisco is at risk for a major earthquake and/or biohazard event. With a large percentage of non-English speakers, seniors and tourists from other countries, any major disaster can bring catastrophic consequences. Chinatown is densely populated and has a large number of un-reinforced masonry buildings.

Chinese Hospital is an active member of the Chinatown Disaster Preparedness Committee. Chinese Hospital coordinates emergency management efforts with the City and County of San Francisco using Chinatown’s Disaster Preparedness Plan. The purpose of the plan is to help our community prepare for a disaster, especially during the first 72 hours when police, fire, rescue and other emergency response and support agencies may not be able to respond to calls from Chinatown.

The Chinatown Disaster Response Plan also encourages local residents to become actively involved in the San Francisco Fire Department’s NERT Program (Neighborhood Emergency Response Team).

Chinese Hospital has been designated as the place for all seriously injured victims in Chinatown.

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