Old Chinese Hospital photoChinese Hospital is a unique healthcare provider within the City and County of San Francisco, with a long and rich history of providing access to culturally competent health care services for the Chinese Community. In 1899, the Tung Wah Dispensary opened in San Francisco’s Chinatown. By the early 1920s, the Dispensary had outgrown its space, while other San Francisco providers continued to deny health care access to the local Chinese community.

In 1923, fifteen community organizations created the Chinese Hospital Association, a new non-profit public benefit corporation. The fifteen founding members of the Board of Trustees raised funds for construction of the new facility at 835 Jackson Street. Chinese Hospital opened its doors with 60 acute beds on April 18, 1925.

In the mid-1970s Chinese Hospital required a new facility. The Board of Trustees conducted extensive fund raising and received Hill Burton funding for construction of a new hospital facility that opened on September 29, 1979 at 845 Jackson Street, next door to the original Chinese Hospital. The Hospital maintained a licensed bed capacity of 59 beds. The Medical Staff gained a seat on the Board of Trustees in 1980, totaling sixteen constituent member organizations.

In the mid-1980s, managed care programs surfaced in the San Francisco Bay Area. Through a collaborative program with Blue Shield of California, Chinese Hospital and its physician organization (Chinese Community Health Care Association) created Chinese Community Health Plan. In 1987, Blue Shield transferred the health plan to the ownership of Chinese Hospital, which received its own Knox-Keene license from the State of California Department of Corporations. This plan provides commercial coverage for individual and employer groups, most of which represent small Asian businesses. Chinese Community Health Plan also serves Medicare and Medi-Cal enrollees in the community. Chinese Hospital and its physician partner, Chinese Community Health Association (a not-for-profit IPA), serve additional Medicare, Medi-Cal and commercial enrollees under capitated arrangements with several commercial, Medicare and Medi-Cal managed care plans.

Today, the hospital provides a full range of primary and secondary acute care and ambulatory services to a multi-cultural clientele within the San Francisco Bay area. The hospital is licensed for 54 acute care beds and features an Intensive Care Unit, Medical Surgical Units, Telemetry Unit, Same Day Surgery Unit, Endoscopy Unit, a Level 4 Standby Emergency Medical Service (Treatment Center), Specialty Clinic for Disease Management and Women Health, Operating Rooms and an array of clinical diagnostic and therapeutic services.

Chinese Hospital also meets the health needs of its community needs by providing access to healthcare through its community clinics: Sunset Health Services, Excelsior Health Services and Daly City Health Services.

Chinese Hospital is committed to meet community needs into the 21st Century. As demographics, health care practices and technology continue to evolve, Chinese Hospital will also evolve. Chinese Hospital continuously:

  • Places our patients and community first;
  • Offers each member of our community the ability to reach his or her highest potential for health;
  • Focuses on prevention and wellness through education and selective eastern medical practices;
  • Values our physician partnership;
  • Believes that access, clinical care and service should be continuously assessed, evaluated and (as necessary) improved; and
  • Provides access to an integrated variety of services through multiple providers and health plans.