The Chinese Hospital Administrative Staff consists of the following individuals:

Chief Executive Officer - Brenda Yee, RN, MSN (415) 677-2494
Chief Financial Officer - Thomas Bolger (415) 677-2496
Chief Operating Officer - Linda Schumacher (415) 677-2477
Chief Outpatient Services & Innovation Officer - Jian Zhang, DNP, MS, FNP-BC (415) 677-2406
Chief Nursing Officer - Peggy Cmiel, RN (415) 677-2476
Director of Human Resources - Lydia Mahr-Chan (415) 677-2490

With guidance and direction from the Governing Body, the Chief Executive Officer and senior administrative staff along with department managers, and medical staff are responsible for providing a framework for planning health care services at Chinese Hospital based upon the organizational mission, community need and strategic financial plan.

The planning process includes but not limited to:

  • Patient Rights and Organizational Ethics
  • Assessment and Care of the Patients
  • Continuum of Care
  • Education of Patient and Family
  • Patient Safety
  • Management of Information
  • Control of Infection
  • Safety Management
  • Management of the Environment of Care
  • Performance Improvement program
  • Utilization Management
  • Management of Human Resources

Chinese Hospital management staff ensures:

  • Collaboration with community leaders and organizations to design services to be provided by the organization that are appropriate to the scope and level of care required by the patients served;
  • Communication of the organization's mission, vision and core values across the organization;
  • Continuous improvement for the safety and quality of care provided to patients;
  • Uniform delivery of patient care services provided throughout the organization;
  • Providing appropriate personnel development and continuing education opportunities, which serve to promote retention of staff and foster excellence in care delivery and support services. Encouraging personnel to take an active part in responsibility for their own growth and educational development;
  • Appropriate management of all services and departments;
  • That systems are in place, which promotes the integration of services to support the patient's continuum of care needs; and
  • Staffing resources are available to appropriately meet the needs of the patients served.